Block Pixel Cop

Block Pixel Cop

Block Pixel Cop is a fun and highly addicting action game. You play as a police officer, tasked with cleaning up the city's various unstable aspects.

Oh no! All police officers are afflicted with the virus. This infection transforms them into pixel police, who begin roaming the streets and endangering innocent people. The number of infected police officers is expanding too quickly, so we need you to save the community. Your goal in this game is to discover pixel cops, shoot them, and try to survive. Pixel cops are not only hazardous, but they may even follow and assault you unexpectedly. In each level, you must navigate your way through town, defeating all of the evil men who stand in your path, as well as your police partners. Get points for all kills, and try not to get shot too often by foes. Start playing this game immediately, and we're confident you'll enjoy it right away, as you do with all games in this genre!

How To Play

To navigate, use the W, A, S, and D keys, as well as the mouse, to look around and fire.

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