Among Them: Craft Mod

Among Them: Craft Mod

Unleash your creativity and build your own world at Among Them: Craft Mod. Enjoy stunning 3D graphics. This game is ideal for fans of Minecraft's blocky world.

You have the ability to create and destroy because you own the entire world around you. You get to pick how it will look and what will be included. Allow yourself to be charmed by the power of making things a reality and completing even the most challenging endeavors. Make sure you're very creative and create houses, mountains, and other types of tools and items, and you'll see how amazing your Minecraft world with the Among Us theme will look, as well as many other interesting and exciting 3D challenges that you can play with all of your friends in the shortest amount of time.

How To Play

To play, use LMB to destroy blocks and RMB to build blocks. I: inventory, 1-4: select a block to build, P: pause; L: show/hide cursor; H: show/hide FAQ.

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