Square Pixel Slime

Square Pixel Slime

If you love old-fashioned platform games then Square Pixel Slime is a difficult and fun 2D pixel game that will take you back to your childhood years! You won't want to get up from your seat because of the amazing one-button adventure gameplay, which is easy to use and captivating.
Your square pixels will tumble down a route dotted with spikes and obstacles at the beginning of each round. Your character cannot be stopped or slowed down, much like in running games. You have to keep moving quicker than the slime and hop over obstacles to avoid getting stuck. Keep in mind that if you collide with an obstacle or spike once, the game will finish, and you will have to restart at the same level. Your main objective in this fun adventure game is to go past gaps and obstacles in order to reach the last golden block. Attaining the highest ranks requires maintaining the lowest mortality rate feasible. The number of deaths and incentives you earn will influence where you end up in the pixel world. In the first few stages of this audio adventure, there won't be more than one or two challenges that you can easily get past. Press "Play Now" to begin this amazing, cost-free journey right now.

How To Play

You must avoid death as you navigate each level by jumping, spinning, and gliding.

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