Retro Street Fighter

Retro Street Fighter

Retro Street Fighter is a street fighting game with simple and engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked. Control your character to move to avoid enemy attacks. This classic 2D pixel game will let you meet many opponents with many levels and different attack methods, your task is to defeat them all to go to the next level. With a total of 8 levels, how long can you complete the challenge?

Use the keys displayed on the screen to punch, kick, jump high and defend. Players will face many enemies at the same time, so you need to move continuously to find a suitable position and counterattack. Your and your opponent's energy levels will appear at the top of the screen, be careful with each move. If your energy level runs out, you will lose. In addition, the system also provides you with items to regain energy. It is hidden in a wooden box, using kicks to destroy and collect before you run out of energy.

How To Play

  • WASD to move
  • K to jump
  • I to kick
  • J to punch
  • L to defense
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