Pixel Knight Adventure

Pixel Knight Adventure

Pixel Knight Adventure is a thrilling action-adventure game in which you play as a knight tasked with destroying terrible monsters in your fantasy land. Explore interesting levels, battle creatures, and earn wealth. Incredible adventures await you in the world of pixel graphics. Destroy all foes on your route to triumph, learn new skills, and become history's greatest warrior.

A calamity occurred in the fairy tale kingdom: the enemy stole the princess. The bravest knight in the state is now on a mission to save the princess. Start the game and assist the heroic hero in surviving all of the perilous adventures. The knight's path takes him across hostile territory riddled with traps. You take on the role of a valiant warrior, a beacon of courage and determination, ready to face the horrors that await you. Your main goal as you travel across a bright and varied landscape is to win by defeating your opponents and claiming victory for the kingdom. Assist him in defeating all of the evil knights and dark knights. Jump on them or use your weapons. Avoid all of the hazards. Collect as many stars, gems, and coins as you can to gain as many points as possible. Are you prepared to become the ultimate knight and create your own legend in the world of Super Knight Adventure?

How To Play

Use the ARROW keys to move and the X key to attack.

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