Pixel Demolisher Cannon

Pixel Demolisher Cannon

Practice your cannon aiming skills in Pixel Demolisher Cannon to destroy giant objects in the air. Based on the power of the cannon, you need to completely destroy the object in the air and get the bonus inside it. Thanks to that, you can use the bonus to upgrade your cannon for later levels. Level difficulty is based on the size of the item you destroy. The larger the size, the more powerful bullets you need, so earning a lot of money is extremely necessary to upgrade weapons. After completing the destruction, the player will enter the stage of collecting bonuses with bonus levels. In the bonus level, you just need to hold the mouse and move to collect coins of many different denominations. Don't worry, if you fail, you can still collect bonuses to prepare for the next play.

How To Play

Use your mouse to play: Drag and Release to Aim and Shoot

Support Items

  • Ammo
  • Force
  • Aim
  • Height

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