Noob vs Pro Stick War

Noob vs Pro Stick War

Noob vs Pro Stick War is a strategy game with gameplay based on thinking and resource management. Fight to destroy your opponent's statue and win. Your mission is to command the stickman army to exploit resources and fight the enemy army. With fascinating mechanics set in Minecraft, it can feel like you are in an expanded version of this famous game.

The game's immersive settings allow for a visually engaging experience and keep players coming back again and again. If you are still confused about how this game works, join Training to receive instructions from the system. You can then start at level 1 in Campaign or head to Camp to explore further. In addition, the Retention and Online features are currently not unlocked. Have fun!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game
  • Follow the instructions in Training mode to understand how it works

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