Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges

Join our one-of-a-kind Monster School Challenges class. If you are always bored at school due to tedious lessons, you may now enjoy a fascinating curriculum unlike any other. Prepare to experience what it's like to be the best student at this monstrous institution!

There is no need to bring any books or information from school. Because the teacher's lessons in this game are weird. The first lesson is to turn the bottle over. You must learn how to throw a plastic bottle filled with water so that it flips 360 degrees and lands upright. This quest, which may be completed with a single left click, may prove more challenging than it appears. The teacher will then assign you an A-F grade. Who will receive a perfect score in this lesson? But the education doesn't stop there. Monster School Challenges also provides enjoyable parkour training where you may hone your leaping abilities. To conquer the hurdles and reach the finish line, these must be performed within the time restriction. Finally, in the roller coaster game, you must maneuver your automobile as best you can while avoiding TNT. Let's see how well you perform in this entertaining collection of mini-games featuring a variety of characters. Let's see how many students complete this test with the best possible score.

How To Play

Use the mouse, S key

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