Mini Golf Funny

Mini Golf Funny

Mini Golf Funny is not simply an ordinary golf game but also a challenge of skill and strategy. Each level is uniquely designed, with terrain ranging from smooth grasslands to challenging hilly areas. The ability to align the angle of attack and the power of hitting the ball is the key to passing each level. You need to hit hard to overcome high hurdles or gently to adjust the ball direction in complex terrain sections.

Take advantage of terrain sections to turn them to your strategy for each turn. For example, a pillar can be used as a fulcrum to change the direction of the ball or create an ideal angle of attack. At the same time, carefully consider the number of shots you use, as each level has a limited number of shots. Don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies and approaches to find the method that best suits each level. At the same time, always pay attention to environmental factors such as slope, wind direction, and obstacles to achieve maximum success. With each level completed, you will unlock new levels of increasing difficulty, giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your golf skill.

How To Play

  • Drag and drop the mouse in a straight line with a custom angle that is opposite to the ball's flight direction
  • The longer your line, the stronger the shot.
  • After aligning to a satisfactory level, release your hands to play your turn.
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