Mike & Munk

Mike & Munk

Mike & Munk is a cooperative arcade game in which you control two characters: a boy and a squirrel. Assist them in escaping an abandoned mine filled with traps and frightening foes. This exciting setup guarantees an amazing gaming experience.

In this game, players take control of two captivating characters, a youngster and his squirrel companion, as they navigate a dangerous mine. As they navigate down the treacherous mine, collaboration is essential. Successful game control necessitates not only skill but also a synergy of Mike and Munk abilities. The mine in the game is a maze filled with obstacles and traps. Each level adds new and more complicated challenges, keeping the gameplay interesting and engaging. Players must continually adapt their tactics to overcome these obstacles, making each triumph more fulfilling.

How To Play

To move around, use the arrow keys, or A and D. To jump, press W or the up arrow key. Space to replace characters. Use X or J to enable or disable traps. R To resume.

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