Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest

Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest

Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain & Puzzle Quest will transport you to a fantastic universe. Nothing is impossible in this world, not even absurd things. Plan ahead of time to sketch out the correct sequence and execute it to victory. Are the puzzles in the level a big challenge for you? Explore ancient dungeons in the role of a skilled magician. Each chamber has a box that can hold valuable antiques. But getting there is never easy. Use your magical abilities to destroy obstacles in your path. Find a means to get the chest into the hands of the main character. The main objective of this physics-based puzzle game is to assist Herobrine in collecting all of the magic boxes. You must burn the boxes and let the magic box advance towards Herobrine using Herobrine's fire ability. The catch is that you cannot manually shift the lucky box towards Herobrine. You must carefully examine the puzzle to choose which box to burn first. You can also use additional objects, such as rolling boulders and TNT bombs. Just make sure the box doesn't fall into the abyss, or the game will end shortly. Best wishes!

How To Play

Use the mouse

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