Herobrine vs Monster School

Herobrine vs Monster School

Welcome to Herobrine vs. Monster School, an amazing new game! You will take on the role of a math teacher in a school for various Minecraft monsters.

You play Evil Herobrine, who is enraged by Monster School's naughty kids. Herobrine, fueled by rage, hurls her bow into this cubic universe to exact punishment. Herobrine's fury reaches a boiling point in this gripping novel, as he is determined to destroy the School of Monsters at any cost and in any manner he can. Load arrows into your crossbow as quickly as possible. Fight fearsome animals valiantly by utilizing the laws of physics and your excellent aim—don't give up on frightening opponents, take a deep breath, and defend your honor as you deserve! Your main task as the commander of a bunch of unfortunate students is to join the struggle against zombies, slugs, skeletons, and dangerous bosses! In each stage, you can take down zombies by shooting them with arrows, or you can shoot at blocks and make them fall on them, or you can even make a zombie you shot hit other zombies to take them down. To fulfill the objective, eliminate all of your targets with the number of arrows specified for that level. Fight while listening to amusing noises and watching monster school cartoons!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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