Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower is a dynamic arcade game in which players construct a tower of bricks. How many levels can you build and complete?

The goal of the game is to reach the summit by stacking blocks on top of each other. The game controls are quite simple. Drop and stack the moving block by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen when it is placed above your tower. The size of subsequent blocks is determined by how exactly you positioned the previous block. Misplacing will result in a smaller block in the following round. Concentrate on timing and accuracy. A correctly positioned block will earn you 'Perfect!' points and bonuses. Falling bricks generate momentum, so attempt to place the next block right before the moving block hits its apex. Your reflexes and spatial awareness are essential in this game!


  • Reimagining classic arcade games.
  • The addictive characteristics will undoubtedly enhance your reflexes and accuracy.
  • With each successive level, different color schemes for forms are introduced.
  • Exciting twists and turns unfold as you ascend your tower.
  • A point system incentivizes precision with incentives.

How To Play

To drop the blocks, click or tap them in time. Stacking more blocks increases your score.

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